Use In-Printer Dispensing for Lines as well as Dots

With the dual head ADU or ADu+ dispensing system built into your Speedprint 710 printer, you can dispense a variety of materials onto an unlimited number of sites. Think glue, conductive adhesives, flux, even silicone for gaskets. And of course, solder paste – in its own temperature-controlled dispense head. ADu+ adds the advantage of dispensing continuous lines as well as dots.

Use the dual head system for regular dispensing duties, without investing in a separate inline machine, or the floor space that takes up.

ADu+ for glue. Imagine the benefits of dispensing other materials from the glue dispense head right inside your printer:

  • Dispense glue for greater mechanical integrity during component and die attach assembly
  • Apply flux selectively to areas of the board to improve reflow efficiency further down the assembly line
  • Dispense conductive epoxies for special components or demanding applications
  • Lay down adhesives as dots or straight lines to simplify mechanical attach duties for shields, RF cans, connectors and other electromechanical components
  • Dispense lines of silicone to form gaskets and seals right on the board

ADu+ for solder paste. Imagine even more benefits and applications by dispensing solder paste from its own temperature-controlled dispense head inside your printer:

  • Top up pads that need extra paste volume before placement
  • Apply paste to new pads arising from board engineering changes, without reworking the stencil
  • Dispense paste onto every pad on prototype boards before commissioning a stencil
  • Use a different type of solder paste in the dispense head to meet special selective material requirements on critical board areas
  • Take boards back to your printer during your rework cycle to renew solder paste with precision for replacement QFPs, BGAs, and other fine-pitch devices

ADu gives you X-Y accuracies of 500 microns @ 3-sigma. The precision ADu+ reduces that to just 75 microns. But more than that, the ADu+ also lets you dispense continuous lines – perfect for numerous applications, including gaskets or affixing RF cans and shields.