New screen printer handles mid-sized Long Boards.

The new SP1220 is optimised for mid-sized long boards up to 1220mm (48 inches) in length, addressing the majority of boards in the market in a smaller footprint than its sister platform, the SP1550. Maximum stencil size is 1500mm x 736mm (59″ x 30″) while maximum board size is 1220mm x 508mm (48″ x 20″).


Print accuracy on the SP1220 is 12.5µm at 6-sigma across the entire print length, with repeatability performance that matches our acclaimed SP700 Series printers.

To address critical alignment with longer boards, SP1220 uses up to four fiducials to ensure alignment accuracy across the entire working length.

Solder Paste Inspection

The SP1220 machine includes integrated SPI inspection technology. When SPI reveals the start of a degradation in paste-on-pad coverage, the machine can automatically implement an under-screen cleaning cycle.

Like its sister long board print platform, SP1220 deploys an inventive under-stencil cleaning system that cycles in the X-axis to minimise the usage of cleaning consumables. The multifunction cleaning system provides wet, dry, vacuum and air curtain modes.


Adding this machine to our screen printer range gives Speedprint users more choice in the way they can address the increasing number of assembly applications that use long PCBs. These boards are common in sectors like LED lighting.

Industry’s Best Warranty

To add more user confidence, the SP1220 benefits from Speedprint’s 5-year parts plus 2-year labour warranty. That remains unique in the industry.

Low Risk Opportunity

With the same print performance our users have come to expect from our SP700 Series platform, and the reassurance of our generous warranty and award-winning customer support, SP1220 provides a low-risk ownership model for assemblers looking to extend their capability or for contract manufacturers to expand capacity with the option of addressing new types of business.


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The AVI Explorer tool is installed on every machine that leaves the factory and can also be installed on any other PC.

The tool is updated over the internet to keep all data up to date, the data that can be viewed on AVi explorer is as follows.

  • Assembly Drawings.
  • Machine Wiring Schematic.
  • Technical Procedures.
  • Technical Bulletins.
  • Every component part of any machine.
  • Photo’s of parts for easy identification.

The info on AVI explorer can be accessed by using the search box.

  • Machine Serial Numbers
  • Wildcard Searching e.g. part of words or phrases.
  • Drawing numbers.
  • Part number.

Info can also be found by browsing the tree structure, which is laid out in position of the machine assemblies.

Extra info is given on what parts fit which machine based on any given serial number.

This tool will continue to grow as we move into the future.