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S-Track is the first pick & place system to be available inside a surface mount screen printer. S-Track deploys a label feeder to allow the placement of barcode labels anywhere on the PCB after printing. As screen printing is the first operation in the surface mount assembly process, the ability to place labels at this stage introduces traceability earlier, one process step upstream from the placement machine, and right at the start of assembly.

S-Track permits an unlimited number of label placements per PCB and in an unlimited number of locations. It can be used for placing just one barcode per PCB or, in the case of panelised PCBs, a separate barcode label on each panel. Here the system can take advantage of incremental indexing of barcode data to distinguish and track each board after depanelling further downstream. All labels can be orientated through 90 degrees to fit around PCB features.

The heart of the S-Track hardware is proven label feeder technology used widely in the placement industry. In pick & place machine applications, the feeder delivers labels to the nozzle picking point. S-Track provides the same functionality and operational convenience within the screen printer. Nozzles are quickly and easily interchangeable to allow the optimum nozzle to be fitted to suit the style and size of barcode label to be placed.
As part of our policy of continuous development, specifications are subject to change without prior notice. S-Track takes advantage of Speedprint’s full Traceability Option, which is included in the package. With the Traceability Option software, the user can scan any barcode placed by S-Track and recall all the process data for that PCB, even if the board was once part of a panelised PCB. It also allows the system to read barcodes immediately after placing them, and to save that data to the SPC database. In addition, S-Track can automatically replace any barcode label if it fails to read accurately after placement. The high-speed barcode reading head can read 1D, 2D and laser-etched barcode markings.