SMT screen printing equipment manufacturer Speedprint Technology has added a new printer platform to its product range. The SP1220 is expressly designed to accommodate mid-sized long boards up to 48 inches (1220mm) in length.

The robust new SP1220 platform delivers print accuracy to 12.5µm at 6-sigma and repeatability performance that parallels Speedprint’s famed SP710 platform, using up to four fiducials to optimize alignment – a factor that becomes more critical with long PCBs. The SP1220 also includes built-in SPI inspection technology, and deploys an inventive X-axis under-stencil cleaning system that minimizes the usage of cleaning consumables. Maximum stencil size is 59″ x 30″ (1500mm x 736mm).

In common with all other Speedprint print platforms, owners of the new SP1220 printer will benefit from Speedprint’s comprehensive support and 5-year parts and 2-year labor warranty, which remains unique in the industry. “We chose to add this machine to our range to let our users address the increasing number of assembly applications that use mid-sized long PCBs – explains Speedprint President Mark Brawley. “It offers the same precision print performance and, thanks to our generous warranty terms, low-risk ownership model as the rest of our proven range,” he adds.