Support Speedprint

Our approach to developing simplicity does not stop at our products; it runs into how we support our customers and business partners. We strongly believe in taking ‘complicated’ out of everyday processes, and have created tools to support our technical teams worldwide.

Giving real time support in a simple and graphical format that’s easily obtainable and then, where necessary, providing direct technical assistance free from complication or excessive administration.


Speedprint Avi Tool

Support. Real Time – When you need it.

The AVI Explorer tool is installed on every machine that leaves the factory and can also be installed on any other PC.

The tool is updated over the internet to keep all data up to date. The data that can be viewed on AVi explorer is as follows.

  • Assembly Drawings.
  • Machine Wiring Schematic.
  • Technical Procedures.
  • Technical Bulletins.
  • Every component part of any machine.
  • Photos of parts for easy identification.

The info on AVI explorer can be accessed by using the search box.

  • Machine Serial Numbers
  • Wildcard Searching e.g. part of words or phrases.
  • Drawing numbers.
  • Part number.

Info can also be found by browsing the tree structure, which is laid out in position of the machine assemblies.

Extra info is given on what parts fit which machine based on any given serial number.