With the dual head ADU or ADu+ dispensing system built into your Speedprint 710 printer, you can dispense a variety of materials onto an unlimited number of sites. Think glue, conductive adhesives, flux, even silicone for gaskets. And of course, solder paste – in its own temperature-controlled dispense head.

Use the dual head system for regular dispensing duties, without investing in a separate inline machine, or the floor space that takes up. Add glue to specific sites on the board after print. Or dispense flux to improve reflow efficiency further down the assembly line.

Use the paste dispense head to top up the volume on pads that require more paste. Apply solder paste to prototype boards without creating a stencil. Or manage PCB engineering changes without reworking the stencil – just dispense paste onto the changed pads after the screen print.

ADu gives you X-Y accuracies of 500 microns @ 3-sigma. The precision ADu+ reduces that to just 75 microns. But more than that, the ADu+ also lets you dispense continuous lines – perfect for numerous applications, including gaskets or affixing RF cans and shields.